Wet food

Because I want to have something really good in the bowl, I thought about what we cats really want. We are the world's best hunters, we simply catch everything! We allow ourselves meat, fish and insects, because we can and it tastes us! Logo that's why my high quality cat food consists of the best and most delicious ingredients personally selected by me. My expert team of veterinarians and feed experts have developed the appropriate balanced recipes for me.

Do you know what natural, good cat food consists of? We have had this officially analyzed using the mouse as an example: it contains about 60% meat and 35% animal by-products (heart, lungs, bones and such). In addition, there are about 5% carbohydrates such as vegetable crude fiber and a moisture content of about 70%. And here's the thing: What nature can do, I can do too and even better. That's why the food for cool cats may bear MY name! LUCKY LOU offers so many different varieties and preparations that there is something for everyone. You realize, this is even better than just a mouse!

Because I'm smart, my high quality cat food with high meat content consists of course only the best quality ingredients suitable for cats. There are no grains, no gluten and no added sugar. I am just a fan of real taste!

Life Stage


Life stage concept, what's the point? Let me enlighten you: Kittens, adult cats, senior cats, nutritionally sensitive and overweight cats - my food is available specifically tailored to our different stages of life and individual needs optimally. All varieties have more than 94% meat or fish, offal and cooking broth and a good 2% vegetable carbohydrates. In addition, there are 1% minerals and a sip of high-quality oil.

Logo, a kitten in growth needs more nutrients than an adult cat. And such a cat in the best years like me has again different demands on its food than a senior, which may already plague some aches and pains.

Of course I also thought of the couch potatoes, what do you think? The Functional Food line is especially for neutered cats and cats with reduced energy requirements who take it easy. I know that they have to pay particular attention to their figure.

In addition, my team of experts and I offer your cat a special treat: insect protein. We cats love flies, moths and crawlers. We catch them with true enthusiasm when we have the opportunity. Treat your cat to my insect varieties anytime. In doing so, we kill two birds with one stone together, because insect protein is the future. It's sustainable because you humans can grow insects quickly and conserve resources.

So you see: there's something for everyone here! Boring one-size-fits-all food can be found elsewhere!

And so that I have the production of my food exactly in view, Lucky Lou Lifestage is produced in Germany. Made in Germany stands for quality and Lucky Lou is premium!

Extra Food


We cats like to be spoiled, I admit. That's why I added Lucky Lou Extra Food to my wet food line. You like soul food, we cats like juicy filet. At least that's how I feel. And because I like something special, I have two different ways of preparing it: in jelly and in broth. Extra delicious, I tell you!

Of course, my ingredients are also cat-friendly. No cereals, no rice, no added sugar - that's not in my can! Instead, there's a lot of extra delicious meat and fish. Especially the fish lovers get their money's worth, because I have combined fine tuna fillets with many delicacies. For example, what do you say to salmon, shrimp or chicken fillet? Tuna with apple or vegetables is also available. There's something for everyone, fin on it! And if your cat doesn't like fish, just give him Extra Food chicken fillet in the finest premium quality to spoil him rotten.

Important for my menu: Extra Food is an extra to indulge in. It is a supplementary food and enriches the normal daily food ration but so what. As a main meal surprise your cat with one of my many delicious complete food varieties.

Super Mono ²


Your cat has special dietary needs? Then I have something for you, of course. After all, I have thought of everything for my own food line. I offer the best cat food for all cats! And to make it happen, I made the hero move and combined two things at once: superfood and monoprotein.

Mono-what? Monoprotein! This means that each variety contains only one animal protein source.

In addition, super ingredients like cranberry, catnip, sea buckthorn and raspberry are in it. These are ingredients with special nutrients that make my special cat food even more great. They provide us with super good nutrients and fiber. Superfood for super cats, it's a perfect match!