• Hey YOU!

    Let me introduce myself:

    I am Lucky Lou but you can also call me Lucky or Lou! As you like, I'm quite relaxed, quite easy.

I treat myself to a
chicken dinner!

Lucky Lou is pet product of the year 2022/2023 - in the category cat food!

You live with a cat like me and it is always hungry? Then I have something really good for you. Because I've thought about what we cats actually want so. Logo, we are the best hunters in the world, because we can simply catch everything! No matter whether fish, meat or insects. And that's exactly what we want! That's why my cat food consists of the best and tastiest ingredients for cats. Therefore, the food for cool cats may of course only bear MY name! I am just a fan of real taste!


Are you looking for the code to happiness for your cat: the ultimate dry food? Then I have THE solution for you. Behind my food code is the carefully developed recipe for happiness. The perfect balance between taste and vitality for us cats. I mean, you know me: there's no garbage in my bowl!

FOR ALWAYS LUCKY! - Optimal food for any age

Of course, a kitten needs a different composition of minerals than an adult cat. And a cat in its prime, like me, has different requirements for its food than a senior cat that may already be suffering from a few ailments. My food is specially tailored to our different life stages and individual needs. Lucky Lou - next level premium food made with cat sense in Germany!

EXTRA GöNNIG - the true proof of love for cats

You like to be pampered? That's exactly how we cats feel! Especially when it comes to food, we love juicy filet. At least that's my absolute favorite food. That's why I created Lucky Lou Extra Food! Delicious fillet in many different varieties! With Extra Food you can show your cat that you really love him! And to make it really gönnig, there are two preparation variants: in jelly and in decoction. Extra delicious, I tell you!

MHH SUPERFOOD! - Superfood for super cats

Cats have special nutritional needs? Then you need superfoods for super cats! And because that's the case, I made the hero move and combined two things at once: superfoods and monoprotein food. Mono-what, monoprotein! That means each variety contains only one animal protein source. In addition, there are super ingredients like cranberry, catnip, sea buckthorn and raspberry. These are all ingredients with special nutrients that make the cat food even more awesome and provide us with super good nutrients and fiber!

Lucky Ones

You don't play with food? I'm telling you: sure! We cats like to combine fun things with useful things, because clever minds make their work fun that way! We love to ambush our prey and catch them in wild chase. Thanks to me, we can now have this pleasure indoors too! Do you also have other dogs that don't go outside or become couch potatoes in bad weather? Since I have thought up something really ingenious: mega nice treats and hunting fun in one!

My Lucky Ones as super meaty treats lots of fun playing and wacky prey feeling. Shredding after them, grabbing prey and enjoying is a lot of fun for us cats. Lucky Ones make Lucky Cats!

A divine (sh)maus simply times relaxed served!

On my mission for the world's best cat food, I've come up with more delicious treats to supplement your cat's daily diet: my Mäusle Snacks! Choose between the finest paté in a tempting mouse shape or my liquid cheesy gourmet cocktail. Of course, I recommend both for the perfect lunch.

My Lucky Lou Paté Mäusle are available in 4 different monoprotein varieties. The tempting shape means that cats can't help but reach for the mouse to explore and nibble on it. Very practical to portion as a small reward or proof of love, with lots of meat and fish!

As we cats also love soft cheese in our purrr-fect beard, I made the Cheesus and upgraded the water to a liquid cheese dream! My Lucky Lou Mäusle drinks are available in two varieties: Cheddar and Gouda - we gourmets can tell the difference. You can dilute my low-calorie drinks with water to make a cheesy cocktail de luxe - shaken, not stirred! My Mäusle Drinks are also perfect as an extra cheese topping on food.

The cat-friendly ingredients are of course also very mice-friendly. You can always rely on that with my delicious food. No grain, no added sugar - I don't put that in my bowl! Just quality made with cat sense in Germany - from me, Lucky Lou!

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