Dry food

Are you looking for the code to happiness for your cat? Then I have THE solution for you - my ultimate dry food. Behind my FOOD CODE is the carefully developed recipe for happiness. The perfect balance between taste and vitality for us cats.

Clever as I am, I approached the subject scientifically together with experts. And because I'm a cat of the world, I didn't neglect art in addition to working with vets. My FOOD CODE reflects Da Vinci's studies on human proportions, beauty and body awareness in the feline world. My astral body shows with each paw one of 8 benefits that help my buddies to become beautiful and fit like me. From head to bottom, I think about every important organ, thus closing the circle to a holistic health concept.

For my premium food, I rely on a combination of fresh meat and high-quality dried protein. Using the latest technology, the strictest quality controls and the highest product quality, my easily digestible recipes are an absolute hit. A full 97 % of all test eaters loved it. What you won't find are grains, potatoes, added sugar and preservatives. All garbage! I also don't use genetic engineering or animal testing. They're the last straw anyway! My food code is made with cat sense!



Kittens, adult cats, seniors and couch potatoes - they all need a different composition of nutrients. For this reason, I have adapted the ingredients to the corresponding needs of the different life stages. So there are extra benefits for each life stage, which you can find on every package. Ingenious, isn't it? And because I'm the coolest, I've not only adapted the ingredients, but also the size of the kibbles - that's how real Lifestage works! By the way: I have created a variety with insects for cats who love the little creepy-crawlies. Every cat will find their favorite variety in my Food Code.

Fresh meat:

We cats are carnivores by nature and need a protein-rich diet! That's why I also make my dry food natural and put fresh meat in the bag! Because fresh ingredients = less processed raw materials! For the kitties I also add a load of milk powder and for a higher protein content I also add dried egg for all adult cats.

B vitamins:


My dry food contains lots of B vitamins! Why are they so important? Because B vitamins help to convert nutrients into energy, which is important for the activity and vitality of us cats. A deficiency can lead to skin problems and loss of fur - oh no! The vitamins are also essential for the functioning of the nervous system and help maintain normal nerve function.


For us cats, taurine is essentialsince we cannot synthesize it sufficiently ourselves, we have to get it from our food.. The essential amino acid is important for our good vision by contributing to the health of the retinacontributes. In addition supports taurine also supports our heart function. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, taurine protects cells from damage caused by free radicals. Crazy isn't it?

Mega acceptance!

Sometimes numbers speak louder than words. That's why I'm proud that my dry food achieved an acceptance rate of 97% in a food test with 118 households. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the brave cats for your trust and feedback! I already knew already knewthat my food is really cool, but now you know it too.

Dietary fiber:

Don't give a damn? It doesn't! Because a high-fiber diet supports healthy digestion and regular bowel movements for us cats. That's why I use freshly ground linseed in my bags, because it retains its nutrients for longer. Linseed contains proteins and various vitamins. The fiber in linseed can give us cats a feeling of satiety and contribute to weight control. contribute to weight control.


Unfortunately, we cats can also get urinary stones or crystals. To reduce the risk, DL-methionine can help to influence the pH of the urine to maintain urinary tract health. DL-methionine is an essential amino acid that is vital for us cats. It is involved in the production of hormones that are necessary for weight regulation. Methionine has a fat-dissolving effect and supports the anabolic metabolism.

Omega-3 fatty acids:

We cats get a shiny mane and radiant skin without any Lórealbut very easily with omega 3 fatty acids. We don't even have to smear them on our fur, but can super easy through my super tasty dry food. I have decided to add freshly crushed linseed and green-lipped mussel as an additional source of Omega 3.